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  • #247218475 Swords vintage throne isolated on white background
  • #201995471 Clusone, Fresco, Dance of the Death
  • #221427607 Urbino, Italy, The ideal city, Piero della Francesca, national gallery
  • #190244138 Piazza dell Anfiteatro night panorama
  • #250453006 Medieval troubadour playing an antique guitar.
  • #260245987 the Last Judgment fresco painted 1572 by Giorgio Vasari in the dome of the cathedral of Florence, Italy
  • #232320173 Ancient famous Nepalese painting on the wall of Royal palace at Durbar Square
  • #249760960 Wall with fragment of 14th century fresco Triumph of Death and Last Judgement
  • #210623675 Spoleto (Italy) - The charming medieval village in Umbria region with the famous Duomo church, old castle and the ancient bridge named 'Ponte delle Torri'
  • #173573149 Fresco in San Gimignano - Kiss of Judas
  • #216922976 Fresco mosaic.Christian male monastery. .Tomashevka,Kiev region
  • #179861511 The Apse mosaic at San Vitale, Ravenna. 6th century
  • #170537072 Vintage workshop full of books for Halloween
  • #273029308 Great castle dark with strong rays and lightning
  • #237857833 Carving stone in a traditional way
  • #276364000 Clean white paper, wrinkled, abstract background.
  • #255400285 Glory of the Florentine saints, fresco by Vincenzo Meucci in the Basilica di San Lorenzo in Florence, Italy
  • #123586800 Fresco of the Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica
  • #238254234 The Bridge of Sighs over the canal of Venice, Italy
  • #70397913 Padua - angels with music instruments -  Eremitani