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  • #157578532 Aerial view of spruce forest
  • #175341587 Yellow and green trees in autumn forest, Karelia, Russia.
  • #235899435 Landscape of lakes and reflections in Lapland
  • #218807741 Aerial view of a lake surrounded by dense boreal aka taiga forest in Oulanka National Park, Finland
  • #282331109 Travelling in winter, a man standing on Frozen lake Baikal with Ice cave in Siberia, Russia
  • #117489431 Top view of the taiga forest and river. The vast expanses of Eas
  • #268010780 Chulyshman river valley, Altai mountains, Siberia, Russia. Autumn landscape at sunset
  • #185891280 Cedar Siberian pines in mountain taiga
  • #252628952 Winter sunset on Lake Baikal
  • #187818175 Taiga, forest in Russia at summer season, coniferous trees covered with moss
  • #256298091 Mexican food. Tortilla toast with chicken and guacamole "tostadas Siberia"
  • #102655883 Aerial view forest river
  • #268060698 Mountain landscape, picturesque mountain lake in the summer morning, large panorama, Altai
  • #280505269 The texture of the ice. The frozen water.Winter background
  • #236368786 Winter landscape with the northern city of Anadyr. The administrative center of Chukotka and the most eastern city of Russia. Aerial photography of a small arctic city with colorful buildings.
  • #241880554 Monument to the Russian Emperor Alexander the Third. Novosibirsk, Russia
  • #175787785 Church in the city of Irkutsk
  • #242298275 Beautiful view of the sunset Yumaguzinsky reservoir on the White River. Bashkortostan
  • #222138464 Empetrum. Ripe crowberry fruit in the forest tundra of Siberia
  • #281856370 Fires in Russian forest, Transbaikal forest in fire, burning of