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  • #94273149 Ham pizza close up letterbox
  • #218100572 Tortellino fresco su fondo bianco
  • #113530867 Italian Cuisine Cheese
  • #101273371 Homemade uncooked black squid ink tagliatelle on black background
  • #130846350 Pasta with tomato sauce on wooden background
  • #282825857 Spaghetti pasta with pesto and shrimps
  • #225552101 Braised cabbage with a meat
  • #238106921 Dumplings - a traditional dish of Polish cuisine.
  • #141049410 Tasty roulades beef on plate.
  • #285399758 Woman is holding supermarket basket, Poland waving flag background. Economy concept for fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • #269958313 Delicious  grilled sausage with various grilled vegetables
  • #221662651 Traditional polish smoked cheese oscypek on christmas market in Cracow. Oscypek is made exclusively in Tatra Mountains region of Poland
  • #247051872 Pizza with ham, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, black olives and oregano. Home made food. Concept for a tasty and hearty meal. Black stone background. Copy space
  • #257752983 Honeycomb piece with honey on a blue plate over a metallic table.
  • #39461898 Italian soup on a White background
  • #259120247 top view of frame made of traditional italian bruschetta with prosciutto, salmon, fruits, vegetables and herbs on white with copy space
  • #61179003 olive paste
  • #123201934 Italian style dinner. Homemade creamy mushroom pasta spaghetti in cast iron pan with Parmesan cheese, fresh basil leaves and pepper over old rustic wooden background. Top view, copy space, horizontal
  • #131413829 Home made pasta
  • #76081017 Pasta with Egg