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  • #157578532 Aerial view of spruce forest
  • #175341587 Yellow and green trees in autumn forest, Karelia, Russia.
  • #218807741 Aerial view of a lake surrounded by dense boreal aka taiga forest in Oulanka National Park, Finland
  • #265319632 beautiful panorama of lake Baikal on a clear day
  • #102655883 Aerial view forest river
  • #263222655 Altai mountains, Russia, Siberia.
  • #268010780 Chulyshman river valley, Altai mountains, Siberia, Russia. Autumn landscape at sunset
  • #257456388 Close-up of natural breaking ice with sunlight in frozen water on Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia.
  • #117489431 Top view of the taiga forest and river. The vast expanses of Eas
  • #219765098 Detail of one of the folk costume of Altai Republic, Russia
  • #187818175 Taiga, forest in Russia at summer season, coniferous trees covered with moss
  • #239511662 panorama of the summer landscape in the mountains. The valley of the mountain river Katun turquoise. the river flows between mountains and wide fields. blue sky and clouds view from high point
  • #274372356 Transparent ice on Lake Baikal at sunset.
  • #175787785 Church in the city of Irkutsk
  • #258420114 Fabulous ice cave on lake Baikal. Eastern Siberia, Russia
  • #252628952 Winter sunset on Lake Baikal
  • #237422591 Natural background, scenery: trees in frost on the coldest winter day.
  • #139861573 Cathedral Kazan Icon, Irkutsk
  • #124117822 Mountain valley at sunset
  • #127204822 Baikal landscape with an old railway bridge