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  • #171894543 Traditional canal street with gondola in Venice, Italy
  • #71938034 Pizza with ingredients on the wooden table
  • #60510297 Pizza.
  • #63103746 Parmigiana di melanzane: baked eggplant - italy, sicily cousine-
  • #66959137 トマトのパスタ
  • #246166399 Venice Grand Canal aerial view. Italy
  • #196505435 Italian Food background on black stone table. Top view.
  • #178021578 Top view of old town Vanice at sunset
  • #277240920 Sunrise in San Marco square with Campanile and San Marco's Basilica. The main square of the old town. Venice, Veneto Italy. Reflection on the flooded square.
  • #185162973 Old town and harbor Portoferraio, Elba island, Italy.
  • #229356062 Chef preparing an Italian pizza on a paddle
  • #206457933 Grand canal and The Basilica of St Mary of Health or Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute at night in Venice, Italy
  • #265955558 Old italian woman making pasta in the kitchen vintage effect. Color pasta on dark wooden table. Vintage food background.
  • #264580101 Aerial drone photo of iconic and unique Santa Maria Della Salute Cathedral in Grand Canal, Venice, Italy
  • #274793186 Woman holding wooden bowl with ripe cherry tomatoes at table, above view
  • #191335330 Chicken salad with leaf vegetables and cherry tomatoes
  • #242456241 Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. Wide view of the main street panorama of the major street of Venice with motor boats with beautiful picturesque clouds in the sky. Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute.
  • #182093433 Portoferraio in Elba Island, view from the fortress walls, Tuscany, Italy
  • #182570262 Venice Panorama. Panoramic cityscape image of Venice, Italy during sunrise.
  • #183589765 Italian village from the Langhe region in Italy