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  • #94444021 Tungurahua Volcano Night Eruption
  • #92030325 Arenal Volcano at Sunrise...A rare sight at the perfect 15 second window to capture sunrise in all of it's glory.  Light glistens off the clouds and the mountain and the jungle.
  • #208984601 Hawaii lava flow entering the ocean on Big Island from Kilauea volcano. Volcanic eruption fissure view from water. Red molten lava.
  • #106605408 Sea view of Kilauea Volcano in Big Island, Hawaii, United States. A restless volcano that has been in business since 1983. Shot taken at sunset when the lava glows in the dark as jumps into the sea.
  • #247415591 Erupting Volcano
  • #166175604 Mount Bromo volcano (Gunung Bromo)in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java, Indonesia.
  • #187918802 Alpaca's (Vicugna pacos) grazing on the shore of Lake Chungara at the base of Sajama volcano, in the northern Chile.
  • #189403731 Cotopaxi volcano with sunset light shinning on it's slopes, and crops in the foreground, Ecuador.
  • #127148362 Panorama of Erta Ale volcano crater, melting lava, Danakil depression, Ethiopia
  • #180464625 Eruption of Etna Volcano in Sicily,Italy
  • #148885064 Petrohue Waterfalls in front of Volcano Osorno (Chile)
  • #190053432 Arenal volcano
  • #241098609 Etna eruption with cloud of ash
  • #33658159 Batur volcano
  • #122453044 Tungurahua volcano eruption, Ecuador
  • #118223704 Karimskiy volcano. Volcanic eruption in Kamchatka, ash flow and destroyed
  • #68883849 Volcano Yasur Eruption
  • #95844691 Tungurahua Volcano At Night, Ecuador
  • #9603018 Mountain panorama with extinct volcano
  • #98590511 Arenal Volcano in wispy clouds