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  • #195228027 Two teenage girls with their horses in autumn park. Equestrian sport background with copy space
  • #179742284 Young rider woman on bay horse performing advanced test on dressage competition. Equestrian event background with copy space
  • #111495355 Horse Jumping, Equestrian Sports, Isolated on White Background
  • #235599962 Beautiful girl on sorrel horse in jumping show, equestrian sports. Light-brown horse and girl in uniform going to jump. Horizontal banner for website header design. Copy space for your text.
  • #183293252 Young pretty girl - riding a horse in winter morning
  • #158750195 Young rider man in helmet on bay horse isolated on white background
  • #75760442 Equestrian
  • #195227768 Group of rider girls riding their horses in park. Equestrian recreation activities background with copy space
  • #232356186 Girl horse rider stands near the horse and hugs the horse. Horse theme
  • #232863344 Two girls riding a horse on a farm.
  • #200150642 Young rider falling from horse during a competition. Horse show jumping accident. Equestrian sport background.
  • #167027226 Young smiling rider woman in helmet holding bay horse by bridle
  • #71914421 Equestrian
  • #120326928 Young woman riding a horse on the green field
  • #136481230 Young rider girl at show jumping. Horserider jumps over hurdle
  • #232356537 Girl equestrian rider riding a beautiful horse  in the rays of the setting sun. Horse theme
  • #203217951 The side view of a rider in cowboy chaps and boots on a horseback stopping the horse in the dust.
  • #171215220 Young beautiful rider woman in helmet holding bay horse by bridle
  • #27435567 Equestrian jumper
  • #189842526 Young pretty girl - riding a horse with backlit leaves behind