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  • #120580870 Gdansk old town and famous crane, Polish Zuraw. Motlawa river in Poland.
  • #65585302 The medieval port crane over Motlawa river in Gdansk, Poland
  • #38068872 Sunset cityscape with vibrant colors. Gdansk, Poland.
  • #126059741 Cityscape of Gdansk in Poland
  • #88882245 Old Town and Motlawa River in Gdansk, Poland
  • #85110838 Mariacka street in Gdansk
  • #171972382 The footbridge over Motlawa river in Gdansk connecting the main town with the Ołowianka island. Poland.
  • #129942728 Cityscape aerial view on the old town with saint Marys church in Gdansk, Poland
  • #71011768 Cityscape of Gdansk in Poland
  • #181083021 Gdansk, aerial view, Poland
  • #163290450 Old town of Gdansk, Poland
  • #175712640 Gdansk old city in Poland with the oldest medieval port crane (Zuraw) in Europe, St Mary church, Town hall tower and Motlawa River. Aerial view, early morning.
  • #30260607 Gdansk
  • #159173381 GDANSK, POLAND: Aerial panoramic view of Gdansk.
  • #263042701 Port Gdansk DCT Terminal
  • #245414218 Aerial view of Gdansk, town in Poland, red roofs of old houses, commercial modern building in the back with beautiful cloudy sky in the background
  • #105632133 Cityscape of Gdansk in the morning
  • #254844618 Gdansk panorama of the Motlawa and Zuraw Crane, Poland
  • #261987613 Downtown of Gdansk with boats in harbor during evening,Poland
  • #191868960 View Over City Of Gdansk In Poland