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  • #265223367 Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris après l'incendie du 15 avril 2019 : vue sur le pignon sud calciné, la rosace et l'échafaudage (France)
  • #117783890 Notre Dame, Paris.
  • #270861986 PARIS – FRANCE: The North Rose window at Notre Dame cathedral dates from 1250 and is also 12.9 meters in diameter. Its main theme is the Old Testament.
  • #232174065 Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, France
  • #262118868 Burning roof of Notre Dame cathedral on April 15th, 2019 in Paris, Frrance.
  • #76679949 Notre Dame de Paris cathedral
  • #81853299 Notre Dame Cathedral at dusk in Paris, France
  • #64500178 Cathédrale notre-dame de Paris
  • #271489546 Notre Dame de Paris view from the Seine river with no people at sunset. View from under the bridge of the cathedral in Paris, France.
  • #58536990 The Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris
  • #237000456 Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris sunny autumn afternoon. Embankment of the Seine. The natives and tourists take a walk and relax in warm weather. Blurred unrecognizable faces. BW photo. Paris. France.
  • #102451997 Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
  • #262230076 Fire in the Notre Dame
  • #73140098 Notre-Dame, Paris
  • #227974874 View on the famous Notre-Dame cathedral and empty square during the morning light in Paris, France
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  • #57323310 Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral.Paris. France.
  • #156725113 Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral facade at dusk with illuminations
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  • #260626595 Famous cathedral Notre Dame de Paris in Paris, France.